The Vision

Business plan for freedom, The Anti Pyramid Scheme.

The Goal

Create a Torah community (essentialy a kibbutz) where people can come and learn to live a self sustaining lifestyle at no cost to them outside of time. It is within the best interest of everyone to lift people up not tear them down.

Lessons learned from the past few years
  1. In order to live a self sustaining lifestyle You need to own the property you are on outright. Or else you will spend all your time working to pay for the land, and not living off it.
  2. Given the current environment. For most this is only achievable through community.
  3. We still need to live in this world. We can't completely go off grid without drawing unwanted attention. this doesn't mean we can't be self sustaining. but we need to have water electricity and septic. We don't need to use them but we need to have them so we don't have any issues.
  4. To kick things off there needs to be an already established business available to fund operations. Sadly money makes the world go round. We need it to survive and sustain.

The Plan
  1. Build a small business capable of sustaining multiple families at subsistence levels off a few hours of work a day.(the rest of our time would be spent getting what needs to be done around the farm)
  2. Save enough to buy some land or perhaps go in with multiple family's know by the community I am already apart of to purchase land together
  3. sorry if you come across this and like it but don't know me. I'm not saying you can't join. But you will need to establish a reputation in the community before you will be able to join.

  4. Move the business onto the land and have a few family's move out and start work on the land and work in the business for sustenance.
  5. Monetary compensation will be based on commission. %30
  6. All business profits will be community profits. and will go into the community account
  7. An extra percentage of profits made by people working will be set aside for that family when they leave the community so when they go on their way they leave with something.
    Devarim(Duteronomy) 15; 12-15. Not that you are slaves but in this current system we are all slaves. any business you work for you are basically a slave because of how hard it can be to replace your job. Part of the hope for this is to help community members buy their own land.
  8. We will encourage community members to start their own businesses.
  9. We will also be building a community ran CSA on the land that could also act as a spring board for members of the community should they move onto their own land.
  10. I have built and ran into the ground many businesses since I was young. I wish to impart some sense of what doesn't work in business so people can go forward and make good money/business decisions.
  11. This community will be based on torah.
  12. The community will be lead by elders. But elders wont have all power. check will be in place to stop any one personality or group from wielding control over the whole group.
  13. Elders will be people in and out of the "community" to provide part of this check. what I mean by this is we will ask older wiser men from other congregations well known to those in the community but not necessarily part of the workings of the community to act as mediators in any issues should they arise. and all people who join need to submit to this authority to join.
  14. This community will be run as a business so as to follow a structure and give direction so we don't loose sight of our goals.
  15. The end goal is the stated goal. The hope is that this become a place of sending where people come learn and then go out and replicate. It will be the goal of the community that should this happen all community's stay connected and support one another. Building a network of torah community's nation wide where we bring people in and teach them the skill necessary to live a free and productive life.