No More Co-Sleeping

My third trimester of pregnancy totally snuck up on me this month. It’s been exhausting growing a little human. However, it has been great getting our bed back. Sleep was especially hard when I was pregnant with Naomi and we were still co-sleeping with Elliora. She was a crazy sleeper and I always had to work around her just to roll over. Elliora did not want to leave our bed because it was all she had ever known and it took months of work and even bribery to get her interested in sleeping in a separate bed. Yet, she ended up back in our bed again through all of our moves in the past year. And until recently, we ended up co-sleeping with the both of them.
So, with baby Herrera #3 on the way, I was very nervous about not just kicking one kid out of our bed but now two. However, this time around, things were so much easier. Elliora has grown more independent and can actually recall sleeping on her own at one time. So the transition was actually quite exciting for her. She was all about being a big girl and having a bit of space to herself. And Naomi, being your stereotypical second born, was excited to copy her older sister. She wasn’t going to be alone because she got to share a bed with her sister. And it made her feel independent and proud to also be a big girl.
As much as I love having my girls snuggling next to me and feeling safe and comforted in my bed, my bed is now being taken over by pillows. There is just not enough room and it is time for the girls to learn how to fall asleep by themselves. It’s a healthy transition into a new healthy routine. And I strongly believe that kids thrive on healthy routines. It gives them a sense of comfort, stability and space to grow.
Life Update: Our new addition to our home, Chani the german shepherd, has been taking doggy classes. She had never been worked with and does not know how to play :( But now with doggy classes, she is starting to catch on to bonding and communicating with our little family.