Two Huge Announcements

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest addition to the Herrera Clan!! Chani Herrera!! She is a 3 year old German Shepherd and we recently adopted her from a pet rescuer.
We were calling her honey just out of habit because we call the girls and each other honey. It sounded nice and suited her quite well because of her honey colored coat. But we wanted to give her a Hebrew name. Well it finally hit us that the name Chani or Hani (related to Hannah) sounded an awful lot like Honey. Chani means God has found favor; which just confirmed it for us. HaShem has found favor in her. He saved her and gave her a loving home.
Chani is currently doing very well getting use to our home and us. She is very gentle with the girls as well as our chickens. I think we originally imagined ourselves with a young pup but we are now feeling blessed to have a mature dog that is peaceful and respectful.
Our second announcement is……drum roll…..!! We are expecting Herrera baby girl #3 in late fall. I know people always want an exact due date but this momma has her babies early so we’ll just say late fall (at least before Thanksgiving). We’ll share her name later on but as you can already guess, names are a huge deal for us.
Aside from the new additions, we have also been doing a lot this summer. Our camper is being stored and we are currently living in the home I grew up in, in the cities. We’ve just been working hard and trying to be frugal. Oh and we also got chickens and a frantic little budgie named Mayim. I’d say other than that, things have pretty much been the same….but things are never really “the same” in the Herrera Home.