Camper Rant

Camper life has been quite luxurious. We ended up downsizing some more…still not enough though. But the place that we are at allows us to keep our office trailer as storage space. So, by this point, all we really have is seasonal clothes and recreational things like camping gear, tools ect.
The biggest concern we hear from family members about our situation is about the kids. And it’s usually ridiculous things like: they’ll have no space to run around and is there room for their toys?
Well I think we have more toys than even dishes at this point. We’ve gotten rid of a few little things and some really big stuffed animals. We have lots of dolls, a kitchen/cooking set, blocks and of course books. And the girls are so imaginative. Sometimes cups are hats and dishes become musical instruments. We also spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice. David’s got a lot of projects and the girls love being outside tending to their make belief gardens.
Although it sounds foreign to the average American, there is a huge wave of people moving in the direction of living simply and frugally. People are waking up and realizing that their hard earned money isn’t being saved for a better future but is being cycled into this system that is getting us nowhere fast. Living hand to mouth is no way to live. All it does is adds unnecessary stress.
If you can pay less for the food you are eating, the home you are living in, live debt free and still enjoy your family, wouldn’t you chose that option over living the crazy rat race life style and wondering if you are going to make it every month?
That’s where we are and we choose freedom and family. ☺