Update on Yurt Living/Camper Living

As many of you know we are a bit adventurous and we chose to jump straight into the Yurt Lifestyle....Yeah that was hard. granted we downsized significantly. We still didn't get rid of enough stuff. Further expounding on our issues I will admit I poorly executed the building of our yurt. I did not give the proper time to completing the yurt in a way that would have mad life much more liveable. Given this we have made a video outlining some of the pitfalls and how you can avoid them. Our hope is that you can learn from our mistakes. That being said we have not given up on the yurt, even tho we are now living in a camper we are still working on fixing the yurt and I fully plan on proving the yurt to my wife and moving back into it as a later date. I have fortunately found all the footage I took while building my yurt and will be editing them together to have a semblance if a yurt building tutorial available shortly. For now please enjoy learning from our struggles, and If you still are undetured from your own desire to life in a yurt please contact me (David) via eMail
with any questions you may have. I am not an expert but I can help you not to make my mistakes :)