Operation: Yurt on Land

David and I have looked around at a few different plots of land in the MO area the past few months, but can't seem to get this one place off our minds. We were originally going to buy it but with some of our finances being thrown up in the air about a month ago, we decided to start out renting.

Now, this place has a house, a barn and 2 animal shelters, but the house is trashed and the barn is falling over. So, thank goodness we have a yurt to live in! We will be using the animal shelters for our chickens and lambs that we are about to pick up. I also have started sprouting my veggies; so, we will have our hands full pretty much as soon as we move out.

There is currently a lot of junk that the current owner has to clean up and David will have to go out and childproof the cistern (aka gaping whole in the ground). But other than that, operation Yurt on Land is a GO!