Healthy and Happy

I use to think that people who didn't give their kids candy were depriving their kids of a childhood. Now, I think that people who let their kids eat junk everyday is depriving them of a healthy future.

David and I never cared much for it before, but now that we are parents; we need to stay healthy for our kids and for each other. We would also be teaching our kids healthy habits, habits we were not taught growing up.

Our parents are definitely not to blame. Many parents don’t think about these issues. And they shouldn’t have to. It’s not fair that we can’t just trust that we are consuming real food. Why do I have to check the back of a juice box to see if I am drinking real juice instead of high fructose corn syrup, coloring, and water?
That isn’t juice! But so many people don’t know that! AH!

For example, my parents didn't grow up eating the average American diet, so they didn't know the effects of letting me eat candy and chips all day (exaggeration). And they still don’t understand why I don’t let them buy my kids treats. They’ve been lied to and are still being lied to. But now I have a better understanding of my unhealthy food addictions and can prayerfully avoid leading my babies in this direction.

Most of my past unhealthy eating habits and overweight problems came from years of mindlessly eating whatever I wanted. It was a miserable place to be and I do not want my children to live that kind of life style.

Becoming a mom has made me think a lot about what is going into my kids’ bodies. I want them to be strong mentally, spiritually, physically and to have immune systems that can quickly self heal or to even prevent sickness. And they can't do that if their little bodies are trying hard to process junk.

Why have we nicknamed it junk food? …because it is bad for us. We all know that, so why are we still eating it on a regular basis? (I am totally guilty of this bad habit) Well, we crave it. It’s addictive and convenient. And once we are hooked, its powers of laziness carries us away.

For instance, by feeding our kids McDonalds and letting them finish a family size bag of chips on a regular basis, what are we teaching them? We are letting them think that this is real food when instead they could be having a home cooked meal and carrots. We are also training these little bodies to grow an attachment to junk food. Just a few years down the road, they’ll find it extremely hard to wake up in the mornings, then be needing a sugar fix to get through the afternoon and coming home from school to pig-out and pass-out without getting any homework done.

I’m sure most people can relate to this problem, feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Well it all goes back to what you are eating. When you eat something your body doesn’t have to over work to digest, you will have more energy to enjoy life.

Now, I am not saying I am a pro at this, but this is a journey that our little family is on to help us become healthier and happier. I hope everyone can also jump on the healthy train and try to enjoy life with us! ☺