Down Sizing

We've completely gone mad! We just turned the entire house upside down. Emptied the girls' room and then filled it with the things that we absolutely needed. (Things like our bed, crib, books, some toys, clothes....) We are not done yet however. Things from the kitchen will probably stay there until we officially leave. But I will be going through everything and selling most of our dishes. Down sizing seems to be pretty easy right now...but I still haven't actually gotten rid of everything, so we'll see. Oh, and we haven't gone through the bathroom. So that should be interesting.

Anyway, the idea with down sizing isn't just "what can we fit in a 22 inch yurt" but what can we fit in the yurt and travel with? The nice thing about yurts is that they can easily be folded and packed up in a few hours. So if we do decide to travel, packing up our "things" will probably take longer. Yurts are also quite durable. They are built to withstand the harsh winters of Mongolia.

They are built the way they are because Mongolians move around a lot. Mongolians farm but don't own land, so they just pick up their homes and live stock and move around. What a life that would be huh? Never being tied down to anything and traveling as a way of life. That is something that we don't understand here in our culture. And still something I can't completely wrap my mind around.

However, I don't think down sizing will be an issue for me though. I've never been one to hold on to things. And I'm thinking maybe less is more. Not having things to distract me will maybe give me more time to spend with my family. Not being hooked into things in an traditional house will help me enjoy and see nature in a different way. These are my hopes of course. From time to time I have doubts; not in our journey, but in myself. I can only hope that I can let go of "things" and "learn" to live simply.