Building a Yurt: The Walls

Complete tutorial video below

Yurt walls

When I started researching the cost of building a yurt. I found that the most cost effective way to get the wood for your lattice wall was to rip down 8' 2X4 studs to 3/8". They need to be the full 96" studs not the pre-cut studs. I wont go into full detail on how to do this but if you lack a basic knowledge of how to use a table say just buy the 1x2x8 furring strips of your choice. Steam bend them (I will be doing this with nicer wood someday and will post a tutorial) and then keep reading. The nice thing about the 3/8" lattice slats is they are far more flexable and will not need to be steam bent.

Next you want to mark your lattice slats.
Mark all the way down the board. I like to mark the top board of each stack of 2x4. You can then drill through all of them at once instead of one at a time.

Now that you have all the slats drilled. You will want to start getting together the cuts below. I would sugguest following the pattern in the video so you will have less waste.

All the cuts you need to make to Build one 20' wall
2 x 16" ---- 2 x 76"
2 x 26" ---- 2 x 66"
2 x 36" ---- 2 x 56"

2 x 46"
2 x 86"
28 x 96"

Now you can lay out the slats according to the patern drawn above. Be sure when you build each wall to lay each wall the same. I found it was easyer to join the walls I layed the same together.

Realy all that is left is to start joining all the cross sections. I used hemp cord. you could do this or use a bolt with a lock nut. using the method I show in the video will add support at each joint when weight is added from the roof. you will not get this support from a nut and bolt. But I have not tried it so I couldn't say for sure if it will cause any issues.