Frugally Dating! (12 free date ideas)

David and I recently started having date nights again. Thanks to a couple of friends who were willing to do babysitting trade offs. Due to some health and financial difficulties in the past year; we weren’t able to spend much one on one time together. We also live about 8 hours away from all family members on both sides. So no help there.

The much-needed time together made it really hard for us to communicate, especially, because we have 2 very young girls. A child demanding your attention 24/7 is hard on all young couples, and now we have 2. The only mommy and daddy time we had together was when the girls were asleep and by that time we were exhausted.

After sharing our needs and desire for alone time to our friends, who have 3 boys of their own, we all decided to help each other out every other week. So mommy and daddy can give each other their undivided attention for a couple of hours. No need to pay for a babysitter and the kids can hangout with their friends. What a wonderful idea right?!

We had spent the entire week trying to come up with a frugal date plan and it wasn’t until after we dropped off the girls that we figured out what we were going to do. Here is a list of free date ideas for all couples that we came up with:


Take dancing lessons in your very own home on youtube. (Seriously, you can pause the videos and replay them so you both can learn at your own pace.)


Make a video together. (This is a fun idea for couples with a musical background. You can sing a duet!)


The classic movie night at home. (Watch something you have, watch something on netflix /youtube or even spend a couple dollars on a redbox)


If the weather is nice, take a walk around a lake/park or even an out doors shopping area. Being outdoors is just so refreshing!


Read a marriage book together. This can be done over a period of time. (not just read during your date.) But this has been a great bonding experience with David and I.


Search for free classes to take together in your area. Yes, they exist! There is a retired couple in our community that gives free classes on keeping a budget and marriage.


Tour a free museum. Free museums are everywhere! If it’s not free, there’s usually a free or discount day.


You can take a cooking class on youtube. No need for anything proper, just look up any cooking channel and follow the recipe.


Explore your marital sex life! Let’s face it, if you have young children, getting freaky can sometimes be a rare occasion.


Dare I say, take a nap together. Having kids = lack of sleep. Catch up on those ZzZz, it’ll make everyone happier.


Teach/show your spouse how you like your back, feet, or neck rubbed. Then spend time rubbing each other (home spa date).


If it’s spring or summer, go on a picnic. Bring your own food and maybe some candles.

Any other free date ideas I may have left out? Please Share! Feel free to contact us through Facebook or email ☺