The 48 Dodge

Its strange how life can be. I myself tend to be overly frantic when their is no need, let alone reason to be. My mind wildly flies in random directions alway focusing on the worst. Because of this I sometimes forget how great life is and how kind some people can be. Last May I was looking for a work truck and all I had available to me at the time was my car. So I had offered to trade my car for this guys S10. The issue was the truck was 3 hours away. I was super exited and left quickly, but my wife called me and said she didn't feel right about it. So I turned back and headed home. Not being in the greatest mood but still having a truck on my mind I decided to stop and talk with a neighbor about this old truck I saw every day sitting in his yard. He was an older Jewish gentleman named Tim with the demeanor of a farmer but lived in a community of people in the city. We spoke for an hour or so and finally the big question was "How much do you want for it?" He talked for a little while about different people who had stopped and offered $4000 and $6000, but then he just looked at me and said, "I'd take $1000." I couldn't believe my ears. This thing is in great condition for being as old as it is and it still ran. I very quickly said I want it but explained that I didn't have the money and wanted to make payments. He agreed and we went our ways for the time being. I had to go to Minnesota for the birth of our second daughter because we had arranged a midwife before we moved to Kansas City and didn't want to change mid pregnancy. Shortly before Naomi was born, Tim gave me a call and said "someone just gave me a 2 ton truck. You can just have that dodge". I was amazed. I hadn't even made a payment yet and the guy was just giving me his truck. My hope is that this summer I can restore this beauty and drive it around. It really only need brakes and lights. But if I found a place with a garage I will take this thing completely apart and fully paint it and try as best I can to return it to its former glory.