In the Beginning: The Story of Us

Early December 2011, my roommate and I both decided to join a dating site (Christian Mingle). Her sister had been going on dates with a few potential suitors. So we decided to explore the world of online dating.
Living on a college student budget, we were only able to create free accounts. Most dating sites make their money on paid members. Nonpaying members are not able to make direct contact with other members. They are only able to view pictures/information and send pre-made cards and messages. After a week and a half on the site, David had sent me 10 cards and was watching my page. Not sure if they still do this, but when we had accounts, Christian Mingle not only showed you who had viewed your page but when and how often they viewed it. And David was viewing my page at an average of 5 times a day….
I had put on my page that I was a nonpaying member. So if someone really wanted to get a hold of me, they had to be creative. Well, by sending me 10 e-cards, David was being extremely creative! Each of those cards had numbers on them and he had sent them in a specific order...trying to give me his phone number. But what was a girl suppose to think!? This guy stalked my page and then sent me 10 random e-cards!
Let's just say, I was pretty creeped out. But, luckily for David, my name showed up on my page. According to him, he immediately got on Facebook to find me.
I just remember logging on after class one day, noticing a friend request, and then realizing that it was my potential stalker....The only reasons I added David back was because we had common friends and I thought he was cute...for a creeper.
David began pouring his heart out and telling me his life story in 24 hours. And if you know David, you know the man loves to talk and share. :) After about 2 weeks of talking I knew that he was the man I had been waiting for. However, out of nowhere, he decided to break up with me. He told me this crazy story about how I was the right girl but it was the wrong time.
Feeling completely devastated and confused, I told him to stay away from me. Of course, he took that as text me everyday for the next week. By January David and I somehow were dating again and were seriously talking about marriage and what the Lord had put on our hearts.
We were engaged by February, married in March and expecting by April….but that’s another story.