Healthy and Happy

I use to think that people who didn't give their kids candy were depriving their kids of a childhood. Now, I think that people who let their kids eat junk everyday is depriving them of a healthy future.

David and I never cared much for it before, but now that we are parents; we need to stay healthy for our kids and for each other. We would also be teaching our kids healthy habits, habits we were not taught growing up.

Down Sizing

We've completely gone mad! We just turned the entire house upside down. Emptied the girls' room and then filled it with the things that we absolutely needed. (Things like our bed, crib, books, some toys, clothes....) We are not done yet however. Things from the kitchen will probably stay there until we officially leave. But I will be going through everything and selling most of our dishes.

The Homesteading Dream

It’s a strange thing, marriage. It causes you to look at the world in a whole new light. Furthermore, having children will really make you question your life decisions, especially if you tend to make poor ones (and I'm willing to bet they also do if you make great ones).

The 48 Dodge

Its strange how life can be. I myself tend to be overly frantic when their is no need, let alone reason to be. My mind wildly flies in random directions alway focusing on the worst. Because of this I sometimes forget how great life is and how kind some people can be. Last May I was looking for a work truck and all I had available to me at the time was my car. So I had offered to trade my car for this guys S10. The issue was the truck was 3 hours away. I was super exited and left quickly, but my wife called me and said she didn't feel right about it. So I turned back and headed home.