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No More Co-Sleeping

My third trimester of pregnancy totally snuck up on me this month. It’s been exhausting growing a little human. However, it has been great getting our bed back. Sleep was especially hard when I was pregnant with Naomi and we were still co-sleeping with Elliora. She was a crazy sleeper and I always had to work around her just to roll over. Elliora did not want to leave our bed because it was all she had ever known and it took months of work and even bribery to get her interested in sleeping in a separate bed.

Camper Rant

Camper life has been quite luxurious. We ended up downsizing some more…still not enough though. But the place that we are at allows us to keep our office trailer as storage space. So, by this point, all we really have is seasonal clothes and recreational things like camping gear, tools ect.
The biggest concern we hear from family members about our situation is about the kids. And it’s usually ridiculous things like: they’ll have no space to run around and is there room for their toys?

Operation: Yurt on Land

David and I have looked around at a few different plots of land in the MO area the past few months, but can't seem to get this one place off our minds. We were originally going to buy it but with some of our finances being thrown up in the air about a month ago, we decided to start out renting.

Healthy and Happy

I use to think that people who didn't give their kids candy were depriving their kids of a childhood. Now, I think that people who let their kids eat junk everyday is depriving them of a healthy future.

David and I never cared much for it before, but now that we are parents; we need to stay healthy for our kids and for each other. We would also be teaching our kids healthy habits, habits we were not taught growing up.

Down Sizing

We've completely gone mad! We just turned the entire house upside down. Emptied the girls' room and then filled it with the things that we absolutely needed. (Things like our bed, crib, books, some toys, clothes....) We are not done yet however. Things from the kitchen will probably stay there until we officially leave. But I will be going through everything and selling most of our dishes.

Frugally Dating! (12 free date ideas)

David and I recently started having date nights again. Thanks to a couple of friends who were willing to do babysitting trade offs. Due to some health and financial difficulties in the past year; we weren’t able to spend much one on one time together. We also live about 8 hours away from all family members on both sides. So no help there.