Building a Yurt: Materials


This is not yet a complete list of everything needed to build a yurt. I am still in the proses of building and documenting.

When it comes to building a yurt or building and home. Preparation and planning are key. Even after a year of planning when it finally came down to me Building a yurt. I found that my planning ability is woefully deficient. I hope you can learn from my mistakes take my material list and my plans. Think over then carefully. Then when it comes time for you to build a yurt. Hopefully you will not learn the hard way like I did.

3 4x4x12' lumber poles (for holding up your ring)
4 2x4x8' studs for building your ring.(I will not be making a ring but a Hexagon with a 6 pointed star)
111 1x2x8' furring strips for the walls (Menards is the best deal I've found.)
60 2x2x12' furring strips for the ceiling joist. I Have not found a good source for these yet Other than ripping them down from 2x4x12 studs.

I went for the 30'x30' canvas for the roof because I only needed one.
I also only bought the 20'x24' canvas for the walls. which i cut into 3 ~6'x24' sections.
I purchased them from Chicago Canvas based (No Surprise!) in Chicago.
best prices I've found so far.
the other option is to purchase canvas from Menards.

3 of the large balls of hemp sting you can buy from walmart. Each ball will be cut down in in 9-10" pieces you will need a total of 555 peices of string.
One thing I didn't really think about but took the advice of someone who has a yurt was having a floor bladder. Since I live in a fairly wet climate keeping water out is a very important part of any home you build. The "think like a raindrop" mentality is very important of you don’t want to loose what little you decide to keep when you down size your home from being lost to mold and other water damage related issues.